Activists protest in Seoul against dog meat eaters


Injecting a bit of star power into their demonstration, U.S. actress Kim Basinger joined activists from animal rights group Last Chance for Animals (LCA) Friday protesting against the dog meat trade on "dog meat day" or Boknal, a day when the meat was traditionally eaten in the country. Separated by police officers, these protesters ate dog meat as part of Chobok celebrations; a Korean festival celebrating one of the hottest days of the lunar calendar year where dog meat consumption is a tradition.

"I do think that government is going to have to not turn a blind eye and really come up with solutions like this", she added, hoping their efforts would lead to similar legislation in other nations where dog meat is consumed. Many South Koreans believe that eating dog meat or chicken soup on those days gives them strength to beat the heat. We have to help anything suffering.

Last year, member of South Korea's ruling party Chang-won proposed an amendment to the Animal Protection Act preventing the slaughter of the animals that are not specified as livestock, including dogs and cats, reported the Korea Times.

Ms Basinger said: "We have to end this cruelty on this planet".

About 10 meters away from them were farmers who raise dogs that are sold to restaurants. Dog meat restaurants are a dwindling business in South Korea in recent years as pets grow in popularity.

According to CNN, in 2016 Humane Society International estimated that approximately two million dogs were being raised for meat in about 17,000 facilities in South Korea.

Many people still oppose outlawing dog meat because they view it as surrendering to Western pressure.