Black man using IV arrested outside IL hospital


Shaquille Dukes says he went for a walk on his doctor's orders, but was held after a white security guard accused him of trying to steal the machine.

On Monday, Freeport police steered USA media that an exterior investigator would assess whether or no longer officers handled the arrest appropriately.

In a Facebook post that was made by Shaquille, he wrote and explained how the police officers confronted him while he was still in a hospital gown and told him that he was planning to sell all the medical equipment he had with him on eBay.

Mr Dukes has now filed a complaint alleging racial profiling.

Shaquille Dukes, 24, was walking outside a northern IL hospital in a hospital gown while still attached to an IV machine when he was approached by security, which then prompted an unnecessary confrontation with police that led to his arrest and the arrests of two other men alongside him.

Freeport Police released a statement that Dukes' IV had been removed by a Freeport Health Network employee at Dukes' request.

Dukes told CNN that before his arrest, police officers took his emergency inhaler and his IV was removed, though not by a doctor.

The guard called for police backup and the responding officers arrested all three men, charging them with misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

U.S. police are investigating the arrest of a dim patient in IL who used to be detained end to a clinical institution while hooked as much as an intravenous (IV) machine.

United States police are investigating the arrest of a black patient in IL who was detained near a hospital while attached to an intravenous (IV) machine.

During that time, Dukes claims the officers took his inhaler and that he suffered a seizure and an asthma attack.

He says the police had been then known as and arrested him for tried theft.

In a reveal posted on Fb, Freeport Police entreated "the public to divulge judgment whereas a full overview of the incident is conducted".

"As a result, all three subjects involved in the verbal dispute with FHN security personnel were arrested and charged with misdemeanour Disorderly Conduct".

Register Star reports that Freeport City Manager Lowell Crow says he turned to Mitch Davis, police chief in the Chicago-area suburb of Hazel Crest, after reviewing police body camera footage and interviewing the man who was arrested.

Officials also told ABC News that Mr Dukes had not been given permission "to leave the hospital while still hooked to an IV machine".

Mr Dukes is due to seem in court docket next month, United States media experiences disclose.