Borderlands 3 Is Getting an Four Player Duels & Pings


During Friday's panel "Borderlands 3: At the Corner of Social and Streaming", Gearbox shared new details about three key aspects of the Borderlands 3 experience: social features, livestreaming tools, and accessibility options.

In addition to the new ping system, Borderlands 3 includes a bunch of other features that aim to increase the game's overall accessibility including compatibility with the Xbox Adaptive Controller, re-mappable controls, a variety of subtitles and closed captioning options, and level-syncing (which will allow you to play with friends, even if you're different levels). Lilith, one of the player characters from the first Borderlands game, recruits the player's new "Vault Hunter" character to help stop the Calypso twins. The game is set to feature microtransactions, much like previous games in the Gearbox series, but they will be cosmetic only. There will also be group and asynchronous matchmaking so you can play while the game looks for teammates. Called ECHOcast, this extension requires players to link their Shift and Twitch accounts to work. Viewers will be able to check a streamer's loadout and skill trees, and will also have a chance to win in-game loot while you watch on Twitch. Not only will you spawn a badass enemy into their game that's named after you or another viewer, but you'll also get to vote on how that badass enemy behaves.

The developer also revealed that Dueling will return in Borderlands 3. The ability to remap controls will be worked into the game, enabling players to assign commands and actions as they see fit.

The game will have a new pinging system, creating secure communication with partners without microphones. Players will be able to ping enemies, chests, guns, and other points of interest.

These quality-of-life changes are big improvements which should hopefully encourage a larger player-base to jump into Borderlands 3 when it releases in September.