Burger King Just Added $1 Crispy Tacos to Menus Nationwide


Halloumi burgers are now on sale at branches of Burger King across the United Kingdom, after a successful trial in Sweden.

And if you can't get enough halloumi - the burger also comes in a double. The double costs £5.49 and the double meal £7.49.

The Crispy Taco is made up of a hard tortilla shell, seasoned ground beef, shredded cheddar cheese and lettuce topped with a special taco sauce.

National fast food chain Burger King, the company that released the Angriest Whopper, the Nightmare Whopper and the Upside Down Whopper, is changing things up with its latest weird food release. tacos.

Halloumi has long-been a popular meat-free alternative for vegetarians and according to The Mirror, the United Kingdom is now considered one of halloumi's biggest importers, consuming over 2,000 tonnes of the squeaky Cypriot cheese per year.

"Bringing halloumi to the masses, Burger King are excited to be amongst the first quick service restaurant to offer halloumi burgers to the highstreets, stations and airports, all at an accessible price!"

We just can't wait to try it.