Delta flight has emergency landing after engine catches fire


Barnes and his wife Christine were among the 154 passengers aboard Flight 1425 from Atlanta to Baltimore when a malfunction forced an emergency landing in North Carolina.

In a statement, a Delta spokesperson said the crew made a decision to divert the plane "after receiving an indication of an issue with one of the aircraft's engines".

"It started slowing down a little bit and it was getting hot", passenger Avery Porch told WMAR-TV.

"Christine and I were on that plane yesterday, thinking we're going to have a nice relaxing few days off the road, and it looked like an engine flamed out", Barnes said in a statement.

Footage posted to social media by passenger Logan Webb shows one of the engine's nose cones, also known as a spinner, being tossed around a jet turbine. "I was about to be the first person to jump off".

About an hour into the flight, passengers described hearing a loud boom followed by "intense vibrations", smoke in the cabin, and a rise in cabin temperature.

Tyler Kreuger, Porch's boyfriend, said that even though he had no service midair, he still texted his parents: "I love you".

Another passenger said: "After, the cabin filled with smoke and seat belt signs went on and off, and you could smell something was burning".

"I had a weird, eerie sense of calm over me, like I nearly knew that they were going to take care of it, and they did", Porch said. "We heard and felt everything", he told ABC11.

However, the plane was able to land safely, and no one was injured. "We apologise to our customers for the inconvenience this diversion may have caused". It has been reported that the engine has already been replaced and the aircraft was scheduled to return to service later this week.