Funeral held for Beth Chapman of 'Dog the Bounty Hunter'


Friends and family of the late Dog the Bounty Hunter reality TV show co-star Beth Chapman are gathering in Aurora, Colorado, to remember her life.

"I can not believe that she's gone", Dog, whose real name is Duane Chapman, said at one point. She had been placed in a medically induced coma as she battled cancer.

"Duane 'Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman (L) and Beth Chapman attend the Vettys Presidential Inaugural Ball at Hay-Adams Hotel in Washington, on January 20, 2017.

"I can not believe that she's gone", he said on stage at the Heritage Christian Center in Aurora during his almost 30-minute remarks which was also filled with laughter and fond memories. This is not possible. "'I don't want to do [chemo] because I want to be by your side, '" Duane said Beth told him.

Actually, the fact that he hasn't let her go is even sweeter since the outlet reported that Dog revealed Beth asked the pastor not to say "until death do us apart" in their marriage vows.

"I wake up to always touch her, especially when she was sick". She was first diagnosed in 2017, but she was cancer-free within months.

The WGA star also spoke about his wife's final days, including filming their upcoming spinoff show, Dog's Most Wanted.

"I haven't gotten past the place where I'm [not] putting a pillow where she was and covering it up". And she's laying and I'm like, 'You are not dying like that.

"She goes, 'All it'll do is keep me alive six months longer and I'm not going to do that because I want to be by your side.' She would tell these guys on the show, 'You're trying to die doing these drugs and I'm trying to live.' Those guys started bawling and crying", he continued.

She added, "And she's not here right now but I'm definitely going to miss her laugh-that's something that when it did come, it was like bells, and it really made the whole family happy".

"Well, of course. I said, 'You beat me to this.'"
And decisions, I can't make them right now... "You were strong for everyone, and you taught me it's okay to let go". Beth and Duane's daughter, Bonnie, also took the stage to share some heartbreaking words about her "rock". "Chewing ice helps, and I've lost 17 pounds in about two weeks".

Tweed laughed and admitted Beth could, "throw me like a rag doll".