Gatwick Airport suspends all flights due to traffic control problem


Flights were suspended just after 5pm, and Gatwick's website showed that some had been diverted to other airports, including London Stansted.

All flights at London's Gatwick Airport have resumed after an earlier suspension due to an "air traffic control systems issue".

Gatwick Airport said it was working with ANS, its provider for ATC services, to resolve the problem.

The airport advised passengers in a tweet Wednesday night to "check the status of your flight with your airline before travelling to the airport, as we return to full operations".

Flights had been suspended after an issue with air traffic control systems in Gatwick's control tower.

Flights began to take off and land again after 7pm once the issue was resolved.

A spokeswoman for Gatwick Airport said the cancellations on Thursday were a result of planes being in the wrong place following Wednesday's disruption.

"Whilst outside of our control, we apologise for the inconvenience this may cause to your journey".