Google AdSense To Kill iOS & Android Apps


Google plans to make its AdSense apps on iOS and Android worse over the next few months before killing them entirely at the end of 2019.

Microsoft is now giving the finishing touches to the dark mode for the mobile versions of the Outlook email client. According to the report, the new dark mode can be easily toggled through the hamburger menu. Mobile gaming app downloads on Google Play in the second quarter were most active in India, Brazil, and the United States, data showed, while on iOS platform China, the US, and Japan.

Windows Central got their hands on some official renders for Outlook on Android, showing off the app's new dark mode. Perhaps Microsoft has been waiting for both Android and iOS to support dark mode officially before implementing dark mode in Outlook, which would explain why it has taken so long to appear. It's still not clear when this new dark theme will be available on iOS and Android, but we'll let you know as soon as we get more information.

Furthermore, the two researchers also organized permissions into essential and non-essential to the app's functioning. Google Play had a 185 percent lead over iOS in terms of app downloads, with gap widening to 265 percent in gaming app downloads.

Sadly, there's no official word on this new Dark Mode feature by Microsoft. Alternatively, you can have it enabled courtesy of your device's battery saving mode, where it will automatically turn on/off depending on the current settings. They are yet to confirm this update.

Google's replacement is the web, with the corporate explicitly noting how mobile will be "an area where we proceed to invest".