Google Assistant launch gesture officially arrives on Android Q beta


Perhaps to make sure that these elements don't interfere with the new back gesture, we should be seeing an option to change the sensitivity of the back swipe.

Although the beta 5 introduces new features to the gesture navigation, when a Redditor tried to use a third party launcher in the beta 5 build, he got a notification that said "System navigation updated". In practice, this means that you can switch to third-party options like Nova Launcher or the Microsoft Launcher while retaining the option of using traditional navigation buttons or the single pill gesture button. To counter this, Beta 5 adds a peek behavior. Big benefit is that this works with existing apps with "old" DrawerLayout versions. Since there's no home button to hold down anymore, the Assistant is now accessed by swiping from either corner of the screen.

This will be a handy change for users who are accustomed to swipe gestures over other methods of accessing apps or features, and making Google Assistant available this way certainly feels like its more fluid and natural than long pressing.

It's possible that Beta 5 could land tomorrow (Google is known for pushing out these updates on Wednesdays), so we might all have more details about this and other features hiding in Beta 5 soon. We'll be working with our device-maker partners to include with their devices shipping or updating to Android Q.

"Using the new system gesture feels much smoother than most overlays, as it continuously tracks your finger's movement, so you can swipe down anywhere on the display, as you can see in the video below, and the notification shade will be unfurled without having to stretch all the way up on your 6" phone.