Google to roll out redesigned News tab for desktop Search


The tech giant's treatment of news sometimes seems like an afterthought, with the company content to have its search and aggregation features scoop up content.

The new design, which the company announced in a tweet, brings the look of the News tab closer to that of the dedicated Google News site.

As per a tweet on Google's News initiative Twitter handle, the search monolith is rolling out a brand new design for its news section in Search for desktop. To address the transparency issue, the News tab will organize articles in a card-style layout, while also better emphasizing publisher names.

Google says the redesign will roll out "over the next couple weeks", so if you don't have it already, give it some time.

Readers like to see the news article, as well as the publisher's name, image, and headline in the Google Search tab. Also, the articles will be placed more clearsoly so that users can find it easier to search for any news.

Google said it would begin rolling out this feature over the next few weeks. For example, a search for "MLB" hones in on the most timely MLB topic (National League All-Star voting results) and the stories of three mainstream publishers (CNN, the Washington Post and USA Today) are featured front and center, highlighted in boxes. This will be followed by a description of the headline and news at the bottom.

The new update will add a particular link about news as a card. However, it is not yet clear whether the new design will benefit the big publisher.

You can also click on each card to see the preview of the story.