Google Translate's camera can now automatically detect languages


Google announced today that 60 more languages including Arabic, Hindi, Malay, Thai and Vietnamese will now work with instant camera translation. Google is now adding support for 60 additional languages for the instant camera feature, including Hindi, apart from increasing accuracy by nearly 85 percent. If you select "detect language" as the source language, the Translate app will automatically detect the language and translate.

Scan mode will allow you to take a picture and manually highlight text, but you can also use Import to do the same with pictures you've taken with other apps. To date, the feature has been somewhat marred by low-quality translations, a jumpy interface, and limited language set, but this update should help ameliorate all three of those problems. The app can now translate these languages into more than 100 languages, rather than just English. With the app installed on your iOS or Android device, you just point the camera lens at foreign text and it will translate the text into your language.

Previously, you could only translate text to English but now users will be able to translate any language into any preferred language if it is available in Google Translate. The service, originally launched in 2015, allows people to translate menus, signs, and even speech to text in seconds.

For the first time, Google Translate will also be incorporating neural machine translations (NMT) into the instant camera.

If you regularly have to adjust the source language for your camera fed translations you might also be happy to know that Google has added an auto-detect input language toggle.

Google has also improved the look of the app by reducing the flickering of the text that sometimes made it hard to read a translation. But if that's not an option, the feature can be used offline if you've downloaded the involved languages.

Internet search giant Google is rolling out new features to its Translate app.