Hulu 4K streaming is back for Apple TV, Chromecast Ultra


The Live Guide works like a conventional TV guide, showing the occasions and length of the shows accessible on Hulu+ Live TV. For starters, only Hulu originals can be streamed in 4K, and you can only do that on two supported devices: Apple TV (5th gen or later) or Google Chromecast Ultra.

Hulu confirmed the return of 4K streaming via its Support channel on Twitter.

There are pros and cons to all of the myriad streaming services now available, but of all the missing features of the most popular services, none are more baffling than the lack of 4K streaming on Hulu. The company has said it intends to expand its library of ultra high-definition content in the future. If you're dealing with home internet data caps, that might be good to keep in mind. Hulu notes that its original programming falls in this category but didn't specify what else might also stream in 4K.

Hulu has reintroduced 4K streaming as an option for select devices after quietly dropping support on all devices a little over a year ago.

Numerous subscribers have earlier complained about both the limited availability of 4K titles, as well as the fact that it is as of now limited to two devices only.

Parent company Disney will make a much bigger and more comprehensive push into 4K HDR when it launches Disney+ later this year, promising best-in-class presentation for its catalog of movies, including those from Marvel.