IBM Patents Technology That Can Turn A Watch Into A Tablet


The photos show a special smartwatch from IBM that can turn into a tablet and a smartphone. Does this mean you could either have a couple of different smartphone sizes or turn the watch into a tablet to write some novels straight off your wrist? The concept wearable device folds out into the said mobile gadgets. One such brand is IBM and their recent patent for a smartwatch is the most, craziest, weird device we have seen yet and we absolutely can't wait for it to become a reality.

Of course, very few patents actually make it into production and, though it would be interesting to see this particular smartwatch operate in the wild, it's up to IBM to decide if it's worth going through the trouble of manufacturing it or not. It took until 11 June 2019 for the patent to be approved and published in the USPTO (The United States Patent and Trademark Office) database. This insane wearable that found and rendered by Dutch website LetsGoDigital is based on the blueprints in IBM's patent filings. The other display parts remain stored stacked in the housing. Below the primary display, there are seven auxiliary screens that are hidden from view. The illustrations give us a glimpse of what could be the smartwatch-smartphone-tablet from IBM.

As spotted by the folks over at Let's Go Digital, the device looks like an apparently normal smartwatch - albeit with a slightly thicker body and no real edges on the display to speak of.

Unfortunately, from the description of the patent it is unclear whether the extension manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically.

Is the screen size of your smartwatch insufficient?

We will update you with more information about this new and innovative Foldable device by IBM. After big market players like the Samsung and Apple, the American computer manufacturer IBM is patenting an electronic device with a flexible display. "When all eight of the screen tiles are used, the device switches into tablet mode with an 8" x 12" screen according to the patent, but that seems incorrect as 8" x 6" appears to be accurate based on the renderings.

The patent suggests that this device will have a single speaker unit and can work with an optional mouse and physical keyboard. In 2000, the brand unveiled a prototype that ran on Linux OS, years before Android Wear OS was even a thing, and well ahead of there being a sizable smartwatch market.