Jenelle Evans Admits "Dog Killing" Controversy Was All For Publicity


"I never made a report against David in the first place", she told the publication.

The former Teen Mom star's world was thrown into upheaval this past week, after she reportedly walked back her story about David allegedly shooting Nugget - and the local cops in North Carolina accused her of making the entire thing up for publicity.

In addition, the Sheriff's Office says that Evans made up the whole story - for publicity. "Jenelle advised that she was inside with her children at the time of the alleged event", said the statement, obtained by Fox News. Jenelle advised that she did not want the Columbus County Sheriff's Office or the District Attorney's Office to continue with the investigation.

The next day, Evans spoke with Columbus County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigators about her allegations, and police said her accounts were "inconsistent" with her original story, as she told investigators this time that she did not hear or see anything to indicate Eason had shot her dog.

She says she's not sure what exactly happened to Nugget. She then advised that after David realized that the dog scratched their child, he went outside and shot the dog.

In the new report, TMZ claims that Jenelle initially told Columbus County Sheriff's deputies that David took the dog outside and she heard a gunshot.

Authorities launched an animal cruelty investigation against Evans' husband, David Eason, in May, amid claims that Eason shot and killed Evans' French bulldog Nugget. It looks like the statement about her husband killing the dog was a lie. Evans explained what she knows of her dog's last moments in a conversation with Hollywood Gossip. Told them I don't remember if I heard a gunshot or not. I have many media outlets calling me about it and I want to tell you right now if this is a publicity stunt you need to tell me because I have other cases including things like rape that I have to deal with.

"I dont give a damn what animal bites my baby on the face ... whether it be your dog or mine, a dog is a dog and I dont put up with that [expletive] at all". No charges will be filed in this case.

He continued, "I'm all about protecting my family, it is my lifes mission. I'm speechless. You have been my facet kick and knew the second I felt unhealthy and would cuddle with me". "I like you a lot and I'm so sorry". Evans literally told Us Weekly that Eason killed the dog. "I stayed inside with Ensley, Kaiser and Marissa, and that's it".