LAPD: Instagram influencer arrested for sexual assault


Ray Diaz, 33, of Hollywood, was taken into custody by San Diego police around 5 connection with allegations being investigated by Los Angeles police detectives, LAPD said in a brief news release.

And there you have it, with a "thorough investigation" apparently leading to the arrest.

Edwin Espichan, 35, of White Plains was arrested without incident at Kohl's, located at 500 Connecticut Norwalk, on Friday, July 12 and charged with sexual assault, two counts of reckless endangerment, two counts of unlawful restraint and two counts of disorderly conduct.

"I hope and pray something does", she said. "We take these allegations seriously. I do think that answers your question". She said that Diaz made her hide in his bed's box spring so they wouldn't find her.

"I was so manipulated and brainwashed, I don't want this to happen to any other girl", she said.

Several outlets have reported on Diaz's connection to videos published by DramaAlert, a site that reports on social media stars, allegedly showing the Instagram star verbally attacking a woman.

The teen and her mother said they have both filed restraining orders with the Los Angeles Police Department, Newsweek said.

She described being abused physically and emotionally while dating Diaz for about a year.

Diaz reportedly claims the videos were an act. "It was fake. It is acting lessons, and it does sound insane, but it is an acting bar", he told in an interview published on July 6. "It's something you learn in acting class if you study in New York City", he said. It's just screaming and yelling.

Diaz, known best for his role in Hulu's popular show East Los High, was captured in San Diego, along with the help of local police there, after an extended investigation into sexual assault and abuse allegations.