Lil Wayne walks off stage mid-set during Blink-182 tour


According to, during past shows on this tour, Lil Wayne performed over five times as many songs as he did during Thursday's concert.

On Thursday, Fans were left wondering when Lil Wayne stormed off the stage in Virginia.

Lil Wayne is now on tour with Blink-182, opening for the pop-punk band as they celebrate 20 years of their Enema Of The State album. At that moment, he was completely dissatisfied. We've extended enquiries to Blink's representatives, and we'll just have to see what happens with this tour.

Lil Wayne was in the middle of his 3rd track of the event before addressing the crowd.

The 36-year-old rapper has been on the road in the U.S. with the "All The Small Things" pop-punk legends and support band Neck Deep, but he seemed to call it a day when he halted his set in Virginia after playing just four songs on Thursday (11.07.19).

Attendee Kaitlyn Kish confirmed to CNN that the rapper was only on stage for about 15 or 20 minutes. Moreover, his fans are very disappointed with the 36-year-old rapper.

Fans took to Twitter to complain, and say that Wheezy was not impressed with the crowd size. Thankfully, Wayne came through today to confirm that he is actually not leaving the tour, despite contrary reports. He additionally allegedly said there weren't sufficient followers of "his" within the viewers, drawing consideration to the distinction in genres on the tour bundle.

Some in the audience said the rapper noted the lack of his fans as the reason for his discontent.

Ben Bruns, who lists himself as blink's System Engineer on his social media, additionally reported what many followers had been saying.