Lord of the Rings MMO in Development at Amazon Game Studios


On top of that, Amazon Games Studios are already developing an MMO called New World. "Tolkien's Middle-earth is one of the richest fictional worlds in history, and it gives our team of experienced MMO developers - from the same studio developing New World - tremendous opportunity to play and create". None of its titles have managed to gather mainstream attention, with the studio mostly creating mobile games. It has just been announced that Amazon Games Studios are working with Athlon Games to develop a Lord of the Rings MMO for PS4. Back in September of past year, Athlon said this: "It's a singular opportunity to work closely with Middle-earth Enterprises to create a completely new experience for fans of the landmark fantasy work of J.R.R. Tolkien, and we are excited about the resurgence of interest in The Lord of the Rings IP". However, both projects are apparently unrelated and are not a companion piece for each other. Athlon first announced the development previous year, in partnership with Middle-earth Enterprises. This won't be an adaptation of the LotR story told in Peter Jackson's early 2000s trilogy; instead, the details in this game will be pulled right out of J.R.R. Tolkien's written works. The initial announcement was the MMO would take place in the distant past of Middle-earth, while the press release continually mentions, specifically, The Lord of the Rings book trilogy... There are no words yet related to the period Amazon expects to launch the MMO or on which consoles it will be available.

Amazon did not state when the Lord of the Rings free-to-play MMO would be released.

Though, Amazon will be lending help to the game's development, at this point it's hard to know if Amazon's involvement will be a help or a hindrance.

This is Amazon's second high-profile Lord of the Rings project after the online retailer announced it was producing a new Lord of the Rings TV series for Amazon Prime.