Microsoft Team overtakes Slack with 13 million users


Microsoft Teams steadily grew between its launch date and the beginning of 2019 and then spiked over the a year ago. Through the scheme, partners paying a low-priced subscription - such as the $475 Microsoft Action Pack - were able to used numerous software licences (five for Office 365, ten for Windows Server 2019 Essentials, and three for Visual Studio Pro, to name but three), and Microsoft was seemingly getting a little disgruntled with the fact that partners were using these licenses to run their businesses.

Constant innovation and new additional features in Teams have been a hallmark of the service from its inception. It's somewhat redundant with Microsoft's Skype for Business unified communications solution. Given its latest milestones, Microsoft Teams is likely now more popular than its rival.

The most common reason cited for why companies are either abandoning Slack, or adopting Teams, is simply: "Compatibility with our organization's existing IT skills". The service also has 19 million weekly active users, which is definitely a massive number, considering Teams launch much later than Slack. By comparison, Slack reported it had 10 million daily users in January.

Microsoft on Wednesday said that "Microsoft Teams", its professional collaboration software platform, has emerged the fastest growing application in the company's history.

"We can confirm those planned changes have also been rolled back", Schuster said. "This is always a concern, as it is in looking at social media platforms that use similar metrics". With availability in 53 languages across 181 markets, Teams is powering teamwork for customers around the world, including Emirates, FedEx, Lexmark, The Adecco Group, KONE, and McCann Worldgroup.

Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Catching up so shortly in viewers size over two years when Slack has been around since August 2013 is a feather in Microsoft's cap and could also be a cause why it has opted to attend so long to announce any numbers about Teams.

"What we see is that a lot of our clients have deployed version one of their Teams, where the deployment is really nearly a straight replacement for Skype", La Palme said. Team owners can also message everyone from the same role with a single @ mention. Messages now also include read receipts so users can ensure their messages have been read. Today, it is rolling out what it's calling "announcements", which allows important news to be highlighted in a channel.

When Microsoft announced that it was going to start charging its partners for software licenses that had previously been free, there was an understandable backlash.