Mum eaten alive by deadly bug at beach


She was diagnosed with the flesh-eating disease and died Thursday after suffering two strokes and organ failure, nearly two weeks after her injury.

The family of Lynn Fleming, 77, said the grandmother was visiting Coquina Beach in Manatee County when she scraped her left leg in the water.

She was rushed to the emergency room by ambulance and was diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis, a rare but deadly bacterial infection that kills the body's soft tissue.

He said his mother got the cut, which was just a couple of centimetres long, when she fell into a small depression in the sand.

But the next day she was discovered unconscious in her home, with doctors saying she'd contracted flesh-eating bacteria.

"You get the open wound while playing at the beach, watch it, take care of it", he said.

She died on Wednesday, two weeks after her fall - after suffering two strokes and sepsis.

"She fell into it, came out with a little three-quarter-inch cut; a bump on her leg", her son Wade, who was with her, told Fox13.

"It was like a movie in real life".

Wade Fleming's wife, Traci told Fox: "This is the place she loved". These are all signs of infection of flesh-eating bacteria. She loved the ocean; she loved walking on the beach. However, her family says she was never given antibiotics.

She died from necrotizing fasciitis, also called flesh-eating bacteria. "Unfortunately, this place is very strangely deprived her of life", says daughter Lynn Tracy.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, necrotizing fasciitis is rare, but people with compromised immune systems have a harder time fighting the infection.