National Basketball Association seeks better free agent system


"I think you have unique circumstances with those players and those teams". An appropriate balance of power between the teams and the players, an appropriate balance of power I'd say among all our 30 teams, big markets, small markets, some markets that are perceived as being more attractive than others, tax issues, climate issues. Coaches must instead call timeout and "immediately signal for a challenge by twirling his/her index finger toward the referees", last month's memo said, per the Associated Press. The New Orleans Pelicans traded Anthony Davis to the Los Angeles Lakers and the Oklahoma City Thunder dealt Paul George to the Los Angeles Clippers. He said the league would re-evaluate tampering rules and change or even eliminate some.

Silver told reporters that he finds the recent trend of trade requests "disheartening", and said it's an issue that "needs to be addressed".

"Besides approving coach's challenge, Board of Governors approved replay center's ability - in addition to game refs - to trigger instant replay".

Unlike the National Football League, the NBA challenges will not include physical flags. Just three seasons ago, the Brooklyn Nets were the worst team in the National Basketball Association.

Teams can use one challenge per game regardless of whether it is successful, and it can be utilized to question a variety of instances, including a called personal foul on the coach's own team, an out-of-bounds call, goaltending or basket interference.

Coaches can also challenge a personal foul charged to their team, ESPN reported. And no, there won't be a flag for each coach to toss as in football; a twirling of the finger, the signal referees now use, will be sufficient.

Meanwhile, the league's replay center in Secaucus, New Jersey, is now able to instantly call for the review of two types of plays: whether a shot is a 2- or 3-pointer (both for made baskets to determine which it is, as well as when a player is fouled while shooting, to determine whether he gets two or three free throws), and for a potential shot-clock violation.

"I think at the end of the day, it's positive for the league", Silver said. "And certainly ratings, even conventional ratings, are growing outside of the United States".

Silver was also asked about the decline in TV ratings this season, which he said could be attributed to several things, including cord cutting and pirating, but said he wasn't concerned about it overall. Silver said the changes in media options could mean talks and modifications with the broadcast partners, despite six years remaining on those agreements.

"So I don't think there's anything endemic to the league".