New and improved Nintendo Switch model gets better battery life


It's not exactly clear how Nintendo hit these new battery heights. Nintendo only really upgraded the internal battery to make the console last up to 9 hours in Handheld Mode (which is pretty impressive). That's a rather dramatic uplift for a gaming system that is primarily used on-the-go, and one that will be highly appreciated by gamers.

Out of nowhere, Nintendo announced a brand-new Switch model today-the Switch Lite.

The previously leaked revision to the standard Switch model has been confirmed by Nintendo and will launch in the United Kingdom this September. U Deluxe will get you a lot of mileage while Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will eat up a lot of your battery, probably lasting the mentioned 2.5 hours. The original model lasts only 3 hours with the same game.

The new device, with the model number HAC-001 (-01) will have product serial numbers that begin with "XKW". Nintendo's U.S. page also shows the revised Nintendo Switch with the longer battery life. They'll also be available in the original grey and blue/red colors, and they are even dropping in only a month's time in America, with Europe having to wait until September.

Nintendo wants the Switch "to be owned not just by every family, but by every single person", Miyamoto said. There still could be a more powerful Nintendo Switch on the way; one that offers better all-around performance and runs games like the upcoming Witcher 3 a little better.

If you check out the Switch tech specs page, the only area where this new model differs from the one that's been on shelves for two years is in battery life.