Prosecutors allege Epstein paid $350,000 to potential witnesses


Labor Secretary Acosta has now resigned after laboring to keep his job and reputation after the indictment in NY of Epstein and his press conference giving a dubious defense of the sweetheart plea deal he gave Epstein in 2008 when Acosta was acting U.S. Attorney in Miami.

"The other thing is, there is an outstanding claim, a Jane Doe claim that was filed right before the election by a woman in her 30s who said in the 90s when she was 13, Donald Trump raped her in Jeffrey Epstein's townhouse in the upper east side".

Acosta came under fire this week for his role as US attorney for Florida in securing a plea deal for Epstein that resulted in an 18-month sentence - he served just 13 months.

Epstein has been accused of not only abusing the underage girls himself but also of pimping them out to other wealthy and powerful men.

Epstein's non-prosecution agreement allowed him to plead guilty to state charges of soliciting a minor for prostitution instead of facing federal charges.

In the filing, prosecutors said the 66-year-old made the payments late last year, just days after The Miami Herald began publishing articles about a plea deal Epstein reached to avoid federal sex trafficking charges in 2008. This is not normal; it is astounding.

"Sec. Acosta announced his resignation from his position as Secretary of Labor for failing to vigorously prosecute serial child predator Jeffrey Epstein".

Acosta spent roughly an hour in Washington on Wednesday defending his handling of the Epstein case he oversaw in Florida more than a decade ago.

What the media failed to report on was that Donald Trump banned Epstein from Mar-a-Lago years ago for inappropriate behavior, hasn't seen Epstein in over fifteen years, and unlike some prominent Democrats, never went to Epstein's private island. "I do not think it is right and fair to this administration's Labor Department to have Epstein as the focus rather than the incredible economy that we have today", he said Friday.

"Mr. Acosta now joins the sprawling parade of President Trump's chosen advisors who have left the administration under clouds of scandal and corruption, leaving rudderless and discouraged agencies in their wake".

Acosta had explained, breezily, apparently, that back in the day he'd had just one meeting on the Epstein's attorneys because he had "been told" to back off, that Epstein was above his pay grade.

The deal came under scrutiny earlier this year following reporting by the Miami Herald, and Democrats en masse had called for Acosta's resignation.

In a 2002 profile in New York Magazine, Mr Trump referred to Epstein as a "terrific guy".

"That is why we intervened", he said. Acosta had argued that it was the only way to prevent an even lighter sentence, saying he would make the same decision again faced with the same situation. "Mr. Acosta should not be allowed to rewrite history".

"We now have 12 years of knowledge and hindsight and we live in a very different world".

They said victims support his detention and they know of no victim expressing support for bail.

The court filing provided the first public accounting of Epstein's wealth.

A federal judge has said Acosta violated federal law by keeping Epstein's victims in the dark about the plea arrangement, and the Justice Department has been investigating.