Spanish singer Julio Iglesias loses legal battle


Veteran singer Julio Iglesias has lost a paternity trial, after a court determined he is the biological father of Javier Sanchez Santos.

Javier Sanchez-Santos, who claims to be the son of award-winning Spaniard Julio Iglesias, arrives to appear before a court in Valencia for a paternity case at City of Justice in Valencia.

The judge in Valencia, on Spain's Mediterranean coast, said he based his ruling partially on the "obvious" resemblance between the two men.

The judge refused to admit the DNA as evidence but in his ruling stated that "there is a clear physical resemblance between father and son" as well as the evidence that "at the time of conception there was a certain amount of contact between María Edite Santos and Julio Iglesias during which time it is not implausible that they had a sexual relationship".

The judge said Santos had credibly proved she had a week-long affair with the "To All the Girls I've Loved Before" singer nine months before her son's birth, BBC News reported.

The judge said Wednesday that the famous crooner's refusal to have a DNA test, along with other evidence, is enough to rule in favor of the paternity suit brought by Javier Sánchez. In 1992, a Spanish judge ruled that the singer was indeed Sanchez-Santos' father, but the ruling was quashed on appeal in 1994, according to El Pais.

The singer's defence team argued that the trial should not take place since the case had already gone to court.

Julio Iglesias and his family in 1975.

Julio Iglesias is one of the most successful Latin artists of all time, andhas sold over 300 million records worldwide. While the DNA did not come directly from Iglesias, the sample was actually collected from "a bottle of water" used by his son, Julio Iglesias Jr.

That test showed that Julio Iglesias Jr and Sanchez were brothers, Osuna claimed. Iglesias has been married twice, to Isabel Preysler with whom he had three children, and to Miranda Rijnsburger, his current wife with whom he has five.