Tommy Robinson sentenced to nine months in prison


The case against Robinson came after he filmed a group of men from a Huddersfield grooming gang who were accused of sex offences against young girls in May 2018.

Robinson was found to have committed contempt of court following a two-day hearing at the Old Bailey last Friday.

Tommy Robinson with Katy Hopkins as he arrives for his sentencing at the Old Bailey in London. Some pelted police with bottles and cans and officers donned their helmets.

At the Old Bailey on Thursday, Dame Victoria Sharp told Robinson that the time he previously spent behind bars for contempt would be taken into account, reducing his sentence to 19 weeks - of which he would serve half before being released.

He also streamed the footage from outside Leeds Crown Court to Facebook to more than 250,000 viewers, which was in breach of a reporting ban, and the video was eventually viewed 3.4 million times.

Posting material online that breaches reporting restrictions or risks prejudicing legal proceedings has consequences, and I would urge everyone to think carefully about whether their social media posts could amount to contempt of court.

The sentencing hearing on Thursday was briefly delayed after Robinson, who arrived outside court accompanied by far-right commentator Katie Hopkins, was mobbed by supporters.

A number of Robinson's supporters who gathered outside the court on Thursday and Friday reacted angrily after the verdict was announced.

He was jailed for six months for the Leeds contempt and a further three months for a previous contempt of court. The controversial figure filmed defendants in a child grooming trial and broadcast it on Facebook in May a year ago.

Judges said he had breached a court order, and his actions, aggressively confronting and filming some of the defendants, had created a substantial risk that "the course of justice in that case would be seriously impeded".

- Tommy Robinson's offer of EU Parliament salary to grooming victims branded 'insult'He served 10 weeks in jail before being freed after the original finding of contempt was overturned by the Court of Appeal in August 2018.

However he successfully appealed against the conviction and was released.

The former English Defence League (EDL) leader attended court for his sentencing 20 minutes late, wearing a t-shirt reading "convicted of journalism", saying he had been delayed by supporters.

Attorney-General Geoffrey Cox was given leave to relitigate the case, however, which he chose to do - resulting in Robinson being reconvicted, despite his defence team's arguments that his behaviour was "not materially different to the behaviour we see outside courts day in and day" from mainstream media reporters.