UK Ambassador to Iran summoned to foreign ministry


The spokesman of the Foreign Ministry said, "We ask the British government to release the Iranian crude oil carrier".

"Iran is neither a member of the EU nor subject to any European oil embargo", Zarif said on his Twitter account on Monday.

"These days we witnessed a threatening act from the government of England in the Strait of Gibraltar against a tanker from" Iran, he stated. Iran denies the vessel was headed to Syria, where the regime of Bashar Assad is an ally of Tehran.

The government of Gibraltar said in a statement Monday that the tanker was "well inside" British Gibraltar Territorial Waters when it was boarded, having "previously exited the worldwide waters of the Straits of Gibraltar".

The Iranian mission in Vienna reacted to news of the United States request for a meeting by saying it was a demonstration of American "isolation" and calling the U.S. "the prime violator of the JCPOA".

Britain should be "scared" about Tehran's possible retaliation for the capture of an Iranian supertanker by Royal Marines in Gibraltar, the Fars semi-official news agency on Saturday reported an Iranian cleric as saying. It was passing through worldwide waters through the Strait of Gibraltar and there is no law that allows England to stop this tanker. It is said to be carrying around two million barrels of fuel oil to a refinery in Syria, which is under European Union sanctions. "She is heavy", they said in a tweet on Thursday.

It's now off Saudi Arabia's coast and a person with knowledge of the matter says BP's concern is that it could become a target if Iran seeks to retaliate for the seizure near Gibraltar - by British Royal Marines - of the tanker Grace 1 on July 4.

The IAEA is in charge of verifying the restrictions on Iran's nuclear activities imposed by the deal, which also lifted global sanctions against Tehran.