Unbelievable Footage Of US Coast Guard Seizing Homemade Submarine Full Of Drugs


In the bust shown on video, members of the Coast Guard can be heard identifying themselves as USA military and screaming at the vessel to stop.

Members of the guard then jump on the submarine-like boat, eventually forcing the top open to reveal the smugglers inside. U.S. Vice President Mike Pence met members of the elite Coast Guard team who participated in the seizure as the drugs were unloaded in San Diego on Thursday.

Coast Guardsman's efforts form part of a nationwide push to combat drug trafficking out of South and Central America. Once they had an idea of where the vessel was, the guard launched two small boats to creep up on the smugglers, and were eventually able to board without detection.

The US Coast Guard Twitter published a video of the interception of a ship carrying a consignment of cocaine weighing more than 7 tons, the market value of which is $232 million.

"It's moving pretty quickly and it's a high-speed evolution at sea which is inherently unsafe", Masson told Fox News, referencing the video.

The crew of the Munro offloaded more than 39,000 pounds of cocaine and 933 pounds of marijuana worth a combined estimated 569 million United States dollars, which was seized in global waters in the Eastern Pacific Ocean.

Video Courtesy of the U.S. Coast Guard. In the footage, a crew member yells "Stop your boat!"

The agency released dramatic video of armed crew members boarding a semi-submersible racing through the waves off of South America last month.

They are known to be frequently utilized by Colombian drug cartel members to export cocaine from Columbia to Meixco, which is often then transported overland to the U.S.

"These two issues are linked", he said.

Brickey said patrols may encounter a narco-sub once a year or so. The alleged smugglers were taken for prosecution by the DEA.