Weather system over eastern Florida has 50% chance of becoming cyclone - NHC


Now this system is located over south-central Georgia, meaning it is over land and has no chance of developing yet!

Our weather Wednesday through Friday will all depend on a developing tropical low in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Until the low develops, forecasters a hard time determining how the system will interact with the southerly flow over the Gulf and warm sea surface temperatures.

The National Hurricane Center says there is a 80% chance that the low will become a tropical depression or tropical storm by the end of the work week.

"Any of the storms that develop the next few days will be capable of producing frequent lightning strikes and brief gusty winds", Miami meteorologists from the NWS wrote in a morning forecast. While the storm is closest to our area it will likely be very weak so no surge or wind impacts are expected. This activity will be primarily driven by daytime heating and diminish after sunset. Regardless of wind strength, all coastal locations from about Alabama to Texas will experience heavy rain as it tracks slowly westward. But again, there is uncertainty involved with the tropical system right now, and the forecast could change.

"We encourage all residents of North and Central Florida to prepare for the possibility of heavy rain and the potential for flooding in low-lying areas".

If the system strengthens into a tropical storm, it will be the second of the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season and will be named Barry.

Heavy rainfall flooded the intersection of 15th Street and Constitution Ave., NW stalling cars in the street, Monday, July 8, 2019, in Washington near the Washington Monument. The sub-tropical storm was south of Bermuda and named Andrea in the month of May. It could reach tropical storm status, but even that isn't a given.