Body Found In Building Near Sydney Stabbing Attack


Australian police arrested a man who stabbed a woman and chased several others in central Sydney on Tuesday (Aug 13) before being pinned down by members of the public, police said.

King Street is closed to traffic between Clarence and York Street with motorists also urged to avoid the area.

A short statement issued to media confirmed the discovery of the woman's body, with police officials now looking into whether it is connected to the earlier alleged stabbing incident.

Police have confirmed a woman was found dead in a fourth-storey apartment on Clarence St, at 3:15pm.

Police and NSW Ambulance paramedics found the injured woman inside the Hotel CBD, on the corner of King and Clarence streets.

She's been taken to St Vincent's Hospital in a stable condition. "These members of the public have jumped into this situation that was extremely hostile", Wood said."They have brought this person into custody and allowed us to do our job".

Superintendent Gavin Wood said the man had made "multiple attempts" to stab other people but was "luckily unsuccessful", the ABC reported.

Lee Cuthbert, Paul O'Shaughnessy and Luke O'Shaughnessy, all from Manchester, said they heard shouts from the street below their office in the Map Talent recruitment agency and ran down to investigate.

Superintendent Wood said the attacker's rationale was unknown and investigations were ongoing.

(9News) The suspected attacker is hauled away by police in Sydney's CBD.

NSW Police described the situation as very risky and hailed the fearless actions of those who had trapped the attacker.

Jack Huddo, who purportedly witnessed the incident, wrote on Twitter: "A random dude just started stabbing people in the city right outside where we were having lunch".

A man allegedly went on a rampage on King St between Clarence St and York St.

An Uber driver said he saw people running away "and next thing I see this guy jumping over the auto, he went over the bonnet, and went on top of the car".

"Five or six others were chasing him behind, trying to stop him, they caught him and restrained him" in front of two popular cafes in the heart of the city, she said.

Police said they had not yet determined a motive for the stabbings.

"Emergency services are on site, and traffic crews are responding".