Facebook's Android app will soon get a Dark Mode


Predominantly white interfaces have been the norm on both mobile and desktop devices for years now.

Wong notes in her blog that Facebook's new FB5 app design is exceptionally bright and nearly entirely white, making it potentially harmful to people's eyesight when used in dark environments.

Jane Manchun Wong, who has leaked numerous unreleased features from the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in the past, was again the first to discover Facebook's testing of a dark mode.

Wong posted a screenshot showing how the dark theme could look in the main Facebook app.

Facebook rolled out Dark Mode for its Messenger app back in March this year, and now it's about to expand that to its main app for Android.

We have seen Google rolling out "Dark Mode" to several apps over the past few months. "This Dark Mode appears to be in an early stage of development, understandably. For example, dark text displaying on a dark background, and vice versa", she added.

With Dark Mode being all the rage right now, it's unsurprising to hear of many apps that have either recently received a dark mode for their UI or are at least working on one. Once all the wrinkles has been ironed out, it will be released globally.