Google To Allow Android Users To Log Into Certain Services Without Password


Available today for Pixel devices and coming to all Android devices with a fingerprint reader and running Nougat+ in the next couple of days, you can now use your fingerprint to log into certain services when using Chrome for Android. Google has just announced another milestone in the eventual reduction if not replacement of passwords, on device FIDO2 authentication of Google websites via Android screen unlock secure keys. If you tap on any one of these saved passwords, then Google will prompt you to "Verify that it's you", at which point, you can authenticate using your fingerprint or any other method you'd usually use to unlock your phone.

Google points out to those anxious about privacy, that fingerprints are never sent to Google's servers and are stored securely on the user's phone. Password logins will still be available even with this feature in place, but these alternate options could prove more convenient and secure in the long run. First, your device must be running Android Nougat or higher and contain your Google Account.

Passwords can't go away fast enough, and if you're the family tech support guy or gal I'm sure you'd agree. Let's say you have an Android phone with a screen lock of some kind, be it fingerprint, PIN, swipe pattern, etc.

Follow the instructions to verify that it is you signing in. That means that the part of your brain that stored these passwords can be freed up for more important things like pop culture trivia.

To use this feature, Android smartphone users will need to update their Google Play Services application and enable the functionality in their Android smartphone settings.

There is nothing you need to do to set this up on your Android phone.

It can be hard to remember every single password for every single account you've created online.