Heavy rain for some with Monday evening storms


That system is likely to deliver severe storms into the Midwest on Monday - with threats of damaging winds, a few tornadoes, flashing flooding or hail - and then move farther East on Tuesday. We could see a stray rain chance tonight into the early hours Tuesday.

By Wednesday and Thursday highs will stay in the upper 70s in Cleveland and overnight temps will dip to the lower 60s. A short disclaimer: models are still trying to iron out the details and the forecast changes considerably with each output.

Monday Night: Showers and thunderstorms likely.

Most every community will get some rain, NWS Meteorologist Tom Mazza said.

Scattered storms will move across the foothills, Front Range and eastern Plains in the afternoon and evening.

Heading to bed later tonight have a weather radio ready to go for possible late night alerts.

Heavy rains are also expected throughout the day on Monday in eastern Iowa, southern MI, and northern Ohio. Temperatures work into the lower 80s again as humidity increases.

It looks like by the end of the workweek we will start to dry out and warm up especially as we head into the weekend.

Friday will be mostly sunny with a high of 83 and a low of 63.