Salah comforts star-struck Liverpool fan who injured nose


A young Liverpool fan who got knocked out after running into a lamppost said it was "really worth it" because he got to meet his hero, Mo Salah.

Eleven-year-old Louis Fowler knocked himself unconscious while trying to keep up with Salah's vehicle as he left Liverpool Football Club's Melwood training ground.

He said: 'I had a really bloody nose, someone took me home back to my front garden and I just saw Salah's vehicle by our house.

Excited Louis Fowler ran into a lamppost, hitting his face while trying to keep up with Salah, leaving his nose bloodied.

The boy added: "He was like 'Why are you running like that?'".

In a bid to get a wave from his footballing hero, young Louis took his eyes off the path and ran straight into a streetlamp - "busting his nose" in the process.

Nonetheless, he caught the Egyptian's attention, and the youngster managed to get his photo with the African superstar, with the BBC reporting that Salah even checked up on him a little later on.

Louis said his bloody nose was worth meeting the Liverpool forward, which melted the hearts of the nation.

"Whilst [we were] ringing an ambulance, we saw Mo driving into the close having spotted Louis and following back to the close to check they were both okay", Fowler's stepfather Joe Cooper told Sky News.

Louis and his brother were taken home but to their surprise Salah showed up on their doorstep after turning around in his auto to make sure the children were OK. Cooper wrote. "He loves you so much and the pain went away instantly when you came to give them a hug".

Cooper said: "It was a touch of class on Mo Salah's part to turn round and actively come looking for the boys".

"He [Salah] was really apologetic and saying sorry for something that wasn't his fault". He's a top bloke.