Tesla Model 3 hits parked truck and catches fire


In March, a Tesla owner in Florida fatally crashed his Model 3 into a semi truck. Tesla insists that drivers be prepared to take over at any point, and that its system is still far safer overall than conventional driving.

A Tesla electric vehicle caught fire after crashing into a tow truck on a Moscow motorway late on Saturday. Shortly thereafter, the Tesla caught fire with the flames ultimately destroying the vehicle entirely. The driver, director general of investment fund Arikapital Alexey Tretyakov, was hospitalized, while two of his children, who were also with him in the auto, suffered minor injuries.

It was not possible to tell which Tesla model the vehicle was and only the metal frame remained after the fire. Thankfully, Tretyakov managed to escape with only a broken leg while the rest of his family - which included two children in the back - managed to escape with just a few minor bruises. According to preliminary reports, the vehicle was on autopilot during the incident.

The company stood by safety claims for its Model 3 last week in the face of regulatory scrutiny, while documents showed the top US automotive safety watchdog issued at least five subpoenas since a year ago seeking information about crashes involving the company's vehicles.

"I was going along Moscow ring road in the left lane with a speed of 100kph (62mph) and did not notice a parked GAZelle tow truck", he said.

In response to the release of the documents, Tesla defended the Model 3 safety claims, arguing that they were based on the NHTSA's data. This isn't the first Tesla vehicle to crash, burst into flames, or explode - but this is one of the downsides to battery-based vehicles.

The Tesla Model 3 on display in Los Angeles, California on November 29, 2018 at Automobility L.A. FREDERIC J. The automaker also insists that its electric vehicles are much less likely to catch on fire than gas-powered ones.

Tesla did not respond to FOX Business' request for comment at the time of publication.