Trump confirms China moving troops to Hong Kong border


Navy warships to visit Hong Kong as massive, weekslong pro-democracy protests continue to roil the former British colony, a USA defense official told Fox News.

A Fiji Airways spokesperson says at present, they plan to operate today's Nadi to Hong Kong and Hong Kong to Nadi services.

More than 100 flights were canceled and 200 delayed after protesters barricaded themselves against airport terminals and gates using luggage carts. Check-in counters reopened to queues of hundreds of tired travellers who had waited overnight for their flights.

The increasingly violent clashes between police and protesters have roiled the Asian financial hub. However, the protesters said that Fu had claimed to be a tourist, not a journalist, and questioned why Fu did not just show his press pass and take footage openly instead of giving them reasons to believe he was a Chinese agent in disguise.

Five people were detained in the latest disturbances, police said, bringing the number of those arrested since the protests began in June to more than 600.

Riot police use pepper spray to disperse anti-extradition bill protesters during a mass demonstration after a woman was shot in the eye, at the Hong Kong global airport, in Hong Kong China August 13, 2019.

Many Hongkongers feared the law would be used by authorities to target political enemies and that it would signify the end of the "one country, two systems" policy, eroding the civil rights enjoyed by Hong Kong residents since the handover of sovereignty from the United Kingdom to China in 1997.

The president later tweeted, "Our Intelligence has informed us that the Chinese Government is moving troops to the Border with Hong Kong". However, the PLA garrison has issued a video showing "anti-riot" exercises, and its top brass have warned violence is "absolutely impermissible".

"The government doesn't forbid Thais from going to Hong Kong because it is their personal right".

Hong Kong's Airport Authority said it would only allow entry for passengers with a boarding pass valid for the next 24 hours and had obtained an interim court injunction to stop people from obstructing operations.

"I urge all Thais to avoid areas where protests are continuing". One 22-year-old frontliner who identified himself as Pun said protesters needed to re-evaluate their strategy to continue with the fight. "Some of us have become easily agitated and over-reacted last night". Undoubtedly US officials are watching events in Hong Kong closely and calculating whether they can be used to further American interests.

Intervention can only come after a request from the Hong Kong government for help, and for the "maintenance of public order and in disaster relief", the BBC reported.

Protesters are demanding that it must be withdrawn completely. The carrier later suspended two pilots. Sun Hung Kai Properties, controlled by the Asia's third richest family, also called on Tuesday for the restoration of social order and backed Lam.

"The leader of Hong Kong should represent the people instead of be the puppet of communist authorities", he concluded.

At around 6 p.m., a fight broke out between protesters and a suspicious man in a black t-shirt who was suspected to be a "mole" sent to sabotage the assembly. We hope you will understand.