Upcoming Smart TV from OnePlus Will Be Called OnePlus TV, Company Confirms


OnePlus first revealed that it's working on a smart TV back in September past year.

Back in September OnePlus announced its plans to venture out in the TV business.

OnePlus said that the winners of the naming contest will be awarded prizes while the first one to suggest the name "OnePlus TV" will be given a "big prize". The "OnePlus TV" will deliver user-centric breakthrough innovation and represents the company's values, vision and focus, said OnePlus in a press statement on Wednesday. According to the Bluetooth listing, the alleged OnePlus TV is supposedly said to be using LED display tech that further runs on Android making it the Android TV. It also revealed the logo of its lineup.

Chinese technology giant OnePlus is all set to launch the highly-anticipated OnePlus TV.After gathering ideas from the company's fanbase for over a year, OnePlus has finally settled on the OnePlus TV moniker for its first smart TV. A dedicated team was also established to kick off the TV development, which is indeed something new for the company that is popular for launching only flagship smartphones. Nevertheless, the key features and specifications of the smart TV are yet to be announced.

The blog post reveals that the naming process was a laborious task. We have also been introduced to a minimal logo that goes along with the name. There is the numeric one with the "+" sign, which is the company's native logo, alongside the word "TV". The logo design follows the similar concept 'inspired by classic geometric progression.' While describing the logo, it says that many classic art forms, such the ancient Hindu symbol, the mandala, and the famous ancient Greek temple, Heraion of Argos are the inspiration behind it.