Does Apple’s App Store Tweak Put An End To Its Deemed Monopoly?


The main reason that Apple's apps have appeared at the top of search results is due to their popularity, Apple has now made some changes to their algorithm to ensure that their own apps do not dominate the results. In some cases, "searches produced as many as 14 [sometimes irrelevant] Apple apps before showing results from rivals, the analysis showed".

This all comes after the spring Supreme Court ruling which, according to the Los Angeles Times, stated that iPhone users could sue Apple for inflated app prices. But that logic is in itself concerning: A company with almost unparalleled power and insight into what consumers are looking for in terms of apps uses its understanding of consumer desire and vast resources to create apps that will defeat rivals (especially startups or young companies) in the App Store it owns.

Apple's Wallet was the top search result for "money", "credit", and "debit" earlier this year right after Apple debuted its credit card.

This has resulted in some absurd search results.

Schiller added that the App Store presents results "based on what we think the user wants".

Several consultants who study the App Store algorithm to help companies rank higher said Apple's consistent success in the marketplace was suspicious.

In addition to the various government investigations, there are a number of App Store related lawsuits that Apple faces from developers, as well as a consumer class action. They analyze the total 13 keywords and more than 1800 apps, resulted in apple dominates search results.

Apple is tweaking the App Store algorithm to make Apple apps less likely to appear in search results. He noted the company's own apps are so popular that it had to further adjust the search algorithm to "handicap" them so that third party-apps could get some exposure.

The majority of our digital media time is now spent on mobile, and most of that with a small number of apps.

Apple Music took the top "music" search result when it debuted in 2016, kicking Spotify to the No. 4 spot.

If you regularly update your apps or use ones just from the App Store, you'll most be fine.

Apple apps' monopoly was acknowledged by two Apple executives during an interview with the NY Times, suggesting that it wasn't intentional on the part of the company. "It's not corrected", Schiller said of the algorithm.

"It's improved", said SVP Eddy Cue.

In an article titled "How Apple Stacked the App Store With Its Own Products", the New York Times alleges that as Apple has become a major competitor on the platform it owns, alleging that the firm has stacked App Store search results to favor its own products and services.