Farmers affected by mental health issues urged to seek help


Suicide is a growing problem everywhere and the numbers tell a shocking story.

One person takes their own life every 40 seconds and more people die by suicide every year than in war, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said today.

He added: "There is also an estimated wider societal cost of £1.55M for each life lost".

Suicide was the second leading cause of death among young people aged 15-29, after road injury, in 2016. In this modern era, there are tools and information to help people avoid that tragedy.

As indicated in the World Health Organization publication released today, Preventing suicide: a resource for pesticide registrars and regulators, there is now a growing body of global evidence indicating that regulations to prohibit the use of highly hazardous pesticides can lead to reductions in national suicide rates.

Connect - Stretch out your hand to someone who may need help.

Check out VA's Social Media Safety Toolkit to learn how to recognize and respond to social media posts that may indicate emotional distress, feelings of crisis or thoughts of suicide. Everyone can play a role by learning to recognize warning signs, showing compassion and care to Veterans in need, and offering your support.

"For example, one-in-four - actually 28 per cent - of Canadian men fear their job could be at risk if they were to discuss mental health at work", Mitch Hermansen with the foundation explains.

"The key is breaking the stigma around discussing mental illness and developing a culture where people feel comfortable seeking help".

The statistics behind suicides are staggering and heartbreaking. This will include bringing together organisations working on men's mental health to collaborate and share good practice.

"Who knows how many lives could have been saved or lives that could have been changed had this strategy seen the light of day earlier?"

Suicide is a very complex issue.

World Suicide Prevention Day is important as suicide affects us all.

Shelby Staples, who is peer mentoring at a drug and alcohol recovery center, said she lost a lot of people to suicide in the past couple of months.

One of the main goals of World Suicide Prevention Day is "to increase awareness about suicidal behaviors and how to effectively prevent them", according to WHO. "We call on all countries to incorporate proven suicide prevention strategies into national health and education programs".

"The high toxicity of many pesticides means that such suicide attempts often lead to death, particularly in situations where there is no antidote or where there are no medical facilities nearby", the release read further. Talking about or threatening suicide may be a desperate cry for help.