Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition Comes To Switch In January 2020


While we still have a few days to go before Tokyo Game Show officially opens its gates, the announcement is indeed associated with the upcoming event in Japan.

This remaster comes packed with enhancements: new voiceovers, new theme music, new post-game dungeons and bosses, new character skins for each tribe, online multiplayer (including cross-platform functionality!), and much more. A remastered edition will release on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in 2019. Released in 2003 for the Nintendo GameCube, it marked the first return of Final Fantasy to a Nintendo console since Final Fantasy VI. In addition, there are even new areas inside dungeons, so even those who played the original version will have surprises in store when the Remastered Edition launches this winter!

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles' graphics and audio have been updated, and new character voiceovers have been added to the game.

Seifer, Fujin, and Raijin received a The World Ends With You makeover thanks to the game's artist, Gen Kobayashi. Along the way, players will encounter brand new monsters, bosses, and never before seen dungeons. It tasks players with travelling the world in search of "myrrh" which is used to fuel crystals protecting the world's settlements from the poisonous Miasma.

That's not all as the game will also support up to 4-players online, and features both cross-platform play and cross-saves! These are the chronicles of courageous young adventurers who journey to protect their home.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is a spin-off/companion game outside the main Final Fantasy series.