Google Earth leads to remains of missing Florida man in lake


Barbera says a previous resident of Wellington, Florida, was checking his former neighborhood on Google Earth when he saw what looked like a vehicle in the lake.

According to an update posted to The Charley Project, an online repository of missing-persons cases, Moldt's sunken vehicle had been plainly visible on Google Earth since 2007.

Palm Beach County investigators say a Google Earth search helped uncover the body of a man, who went missing in 1997, from a retention pond in Wellington last month.

In August, a resident said he suspected there was a submerged vehicle in a retention pond behind his property, according to deputies.

Responding deputies from the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department found the heavily calcified vehicle not far from the shore and determined it had been in the water for a long time, a department spokeswoman told ABC 10.

They found him via technology that wasn't as developed back then: Google Earth and drones.

The medical examiner's office confirmed Moldt's identity on Tuesday.

Moldt's body was found still inside his vehicle, which had been submerged in the pond near the housing project.

According to a US database which profiles unsolved missing people cases, Moldt's vehicle was visible on a Google Earth satellite photo of the area since 2007.

Moldt could have been found 10 years ago.

The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System said Mr Moldt, a mortgage broker, went to a nightclub in November 1997, but did not appear intoxicated as he left alone before midnight.

Moldt had called his girlfriend from the bar at around 9:30 say he would be home soon.

The housing complex surrounding the pond, the Grand Isles, was under construction when Moldt disappeared, according to the Charley Project and local news reports.

Although he was not a frequent drinker, on that particular evening he had several drinks at the bar.