Has An Aussie Launch Price Lower Than *Cough* Other Streaming Platforms


As an incentive, consumers will receive a year of Apple TV+ included when they purchase Apple products, such as an iPhone or iPad, Cook said.

In terms of battery life, we could not report back on the validity of Apple's estimate of 18 hours of use.

There are two new iPhone 11s: the basic model that will cost from $699 and has only two big, separate cameras on the back, and the new Pro model with three.

Like the other new models, the iPhone is powered by an "A13 bionic" chip made in-house by Apple and infused with machine learning as well as high-performance graphics and processing capabilities.

Apple TV+ will arrive about two weeks before a new Disney+ streaming television service.

The more expensive iPhone 11 Pro will have three cameras on the back - wide angle, telephoto and ultra-wide.

iPhone 11 Pro and Pro max come with a 12MP front camera. And while I'm not sure that I'll want any 4K selfies (I'll need to up my skincare game before I'm willing to expose my pores to close-up 4K video), the slow motion "slofies" are actually pretty fun, even if they are a bit gimmicky.

None of the iPhones was tailored for the 5G telecom networks starting to roll out.

Apple said the seventh generation of the iPad will start at$329 and be available to order starting Tuesday and in stores on Sept 30. Is it Apple's most polished design?

The iPad case is made entirely of recycled aluminium and will have a recently introduced operating system designed specifically for the tablet computers. Not only that, Apple has for the first time lowered the price on one of its flagship phones without sacrificing size or functionality.

Previous generations had the smartwatch face go dark when arms dropped to save on power.

Apple also invited Watch users to volunteer for three new health studies, though data collected will remain anonymous.

Apple also unveiled an updated watch, the Series 5, with an always-on display, starting at $399, while keeping the older Series 3 starting at $199. The Apple logo has also moved down to the center of the phone - reportedly because of the as-yet-unannounced reverse wireless charging feature - and there is no longer any "iPhone" label. The bigger screen iPhone 11 Pro Max starts at $1,099.

Apple is launching its own streaming service Apple TV+ on November 1st. Series slated for Apple TV+ include a drama about a broadcast morning show starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon.

More Apple TV+ originals will be added to the Apple TV app each month.

The Apple TV+ price range will begin at A$7.99 per month and be available in over 100 countries.

Hal Eddins, chief economist for Apple shareholder Capital Investment Counsel, said Apple's lower priced iPhones "aren't exciting on the surface, but the low streaming price may suck in some new subscribers".

"In the future we might even see users pay for a service bundle and receive a new iPhone every year", he said.

Customers can order the Apple Watch Series 5 today, with retail availability beginning Friday, September 20.

Could Apple Arcade pave the way for Amazon-style bundles?