Nigeria debunks reports of explosion at South African High Commission in Abuja


Most Nigerians and Nigerian-owned businesses operate responsibly in legitimate and professional practices in South Africa compared to the less than one per cent of cases of shadowy activities.

Ambassador Hamadziripi said those in South Africa should also take necessary steps to guarantee their safety as the situation remains very volatile.

Police also warned people to avoid some areas in the Johannesburg CBD, following the latest attacks against foreigners and foreign-owned businesses.

"The Chairperson reiterates the AU Commission's continued commitment to support the South African government in addressing the root causes that led to these despicable acts, in order to promote peace and security, within the framework of the AU's longstanding principles of continental solidarity", said Mahamat. Video footage circulating the internet depicts Nigerians attacking drivers who were believed to be from South Africa in the street, as well as footage of protestors destroying and targeting South African stores.

Although the South African government did not address the attacks as xenophobic, choosing to refer to them as criminality, most African countries view them as xenophobia.

Many South Africans credit this to the amount of foreigners living in the country; some of which come from neighboring countries such as Zimbabwe, or Lesotho, or even a bit farther in areas such as India, the United Kingdom, etc.

Ezekwesili, alongside leaders of the Nigerian community in Cape Town, South Africa, in a communique issued after a meeting held to find solution to ceaseless attacks, urged the South African government to avoid making comments that could spark further attacks.

A member, Lagos State House of Assembly, Mr Temitope Adewale, on Monday described the South Africans' xenophobic attacks on Nigerians as a display of lack of knowledge.

MultiChoice CEO, Calvo Mawela, said its operations in Nigeria were shut for four days, affecting the company's ability to connect with customers, but calm had since returned.

South Africa is a major destination for economic migrants from neighboring Lesotho, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Pretoria closed its missions in the oil-rich African giant after it said it received threats.

Foreign nationals are often accused of being criminals and drug dealers, and of undercutting South Africans for work, burdening limited social services and wooing South African women.

"South African government has shown serious concern over the xenophobic attacks when about eight of their Police officers were arrested and are still in custody".

"What's going on?" asked a confused tourist caught up in one of this week's numerous protester-police clashes that have gripped the length and breadth of South Africa.