Stretch your hole in Nintendo's Ring Fit Adventures for Switch


Ring Fit Adventure can be tailored to the player's level of skill, so even if players don't have experience with fitness, they can adjust the exercise intensity to suit their ability.

Nintendo is heading back into the fitness business with Ring Fit Adventure, a new game where you strap a Joy-Con onto your leg, put another in a big squeezy new peripheral and flail about like nobody's watching.

"Nintendo has always had a lot of success appealing to non-hardcore audiences and reinventing the norms of console play", said Laine Nooney, assistant professor and historian of video games at New York University. The different challenges require players to squat, jog in place, stretch and so on.

Nintendo has made fitness accessories before, carving out a market for children and older adults who want to stay energetic. It lets you try a range of activities including aerobics, strength training, balance games and yoga.

Nintendo's Ring Fit Adventure is like Wii Fit for the Switch
Ring Fit Adventure could give Switch its Wii Fit breakout

Ring Fit Adventure launches next month on 18th October and will be available for a suggested retail price of $79.99 USD (European pricing to be confirmed). Nintendo chose two of the most overly enthusiastic people to talk about just how awesome the game and the Ring-Con are. Jogging and squeezing the Ring-Con will move a character and attack respectively, for example.

Outside of the main adventure, Quick Play mode is a great way to enjoy Ring Fit Adventure in shorter bursts, allowing players to jump in and out of play.

As well as recognizable franchises such as the "Super Mario" and "Legend of Zelda" games, Nintendo is well known for its novel approach to controller design.