Essential reveals insane new Project GEM smartphone


What just happened? Remember the Essential Phone, a 2017 handset from the company created by Android co-founder Andy Rubin?

Something else that catches the eye is the "GEM Colorshift material" of the Essential Phone.

If you're anxious that non-foldable smartphone design has gotten stale and familiar in recent years, you may find Essential's next Android handset to be right up your alley.

There is now no release date or pricing information for Essential's upcoming Project GEM smartphone. No further information has been given by the company about the upcoming phone. Four brilliant colors are shown with a camera centered near the top of the back and what may be a center fingerprint sensor.

This time, however, it appears that Essential has taken inspiration from Samsung, with the GEM prototype sporting a pinhole camera cutout in the top left-hand corner of the device.

We've seen phones of many shapes and sizes over the years, but it looks like Essential's next device could go in yet another direction.

XDA developer leaked some code snippets of Essential gem 2 specifications. Later, the official Twitter handle of Essential also tweeted official pictures of the device.

Rubin also highlighted the new UI for Gem's "radically different" form factor.

At the rear of the device, there's a large single-camera module on the phone, along with a odd recessed circular... thing. The phone defines conventional design standards and has a candy bar form factor with a metallic lustre finish on its rear panel.

While the Essential Phone is no longer in stock, it continues to be one of the first devices updated whenever Google releases Android Security and firmware updates for Android phones. The company was previously rumored to be working on a new kind of phone that features a small screen and relies mainly on voice interactions, and this might be it.