Everything You Need to Know About Pittsfield's General Election


Anyone can vote at an office on campus.

Lisa Ludlow and her husband Glenn both received voter cards in the mail for the upcoming federal election.

More questions about how to vote? The full list is available on the Elections Canada website. There are more than 115 campuses in Canada where you can register and vote in the federal election. You can check if you're registered or update your address online at Elections Canada. You can register before October 15 here or at an Elections Canada office.

Early voting is slated to begin October 26 and run through November 3.

I'm turning 18 right before the election.

"I think a lot of voters, much like we are, are still trying to determine how it's going to work". Make sure to return your marked ballot to us by election day at 6:00 p.m., ET.

For information on acceptable identification, where to vote and other details, visit elections.ca, the Elections Canada website. This way, no envelope can be traced back to the voter; this ensures the secrecy of the vote.

Advance polling station locations are listed on voter information cards, which were mailed out a few weeks ago.

During the provincial election in April, voters could vote at any advance poll location or vote at any polling location on election day but Nyirfa said that is not the case for the federal election and every voter must vote at their specific location.

Is anyone considering changing the voting age limit?

In May of this year, Elections Canada said it would eliminate 103,000 people from the register because they are not Canadian citizens. The Liberals have said they won't touch it.

Myint Naing said there can be 39 million eligible voters for the 2020 election and the number of those eligible voters is expected to increase by five million compared to the 2015 election.

The elections office held an open house on the final day of registration to guide local residents on the new machines, sporting touch screens, headphone jacks and a Braille touchpad. You will vote using the special ballot process (see below).

When you vote by special ballot, your ballot won't have a list of candidates to choose from. All you need to do is bring ID to vote.