Fraser Coast mayor calls out reality TV councillor


"I did speak to him this morning and I told him that my recommendation to him was that he resign from his position as councillor on the Noosa Council".

"Whilst I do not have the legal authority to remove a sitting councillor, he has arguably brought the council into disrepute and undermined the good reputation of our shire".

"I've kissed plenty of girls and they've turned their heads before; I'm used to it".

In another scene on last night's episode, Cr Glasgow made a comment about a fellow contestant not trying to kiss Ms Kent.

As a result, Kent ordered Glasgow to leave at the end of the second episode.

"You never talk about me as a person", she told him.

"I know deep down I haven't broken the rules".

Cr Glasgow has been asked to stand down from his position and labelled a "vile misogynist" by his own mayor Tony Wellington.

"That sort of offensive, crude misogynistic behaviour is just not on", he said.

Glasgow told The Kyle & Jackie O Show on Friday that while he was sorry about his behaviour, he wouldn't resign as a councillor because his actions weren't an accurate reflection of his personality.

"I'm naturally a little bit of a flirtatious guy [but] I'm truly sorry".

Mr Glasgow has copped a torrent of abuse online for his offensive behaviour on the TV show, in which he made a series of lewd comments about Angie and hit on the female production staff, clearly making them uncomfortable.

Cr Wellington said Cr Glasgow was not representing Noosa Council on the program, although he was aware that his occupation as a councillor was frequently referred to on the show.

"Whether or not Mr Glasgow was simply performing for the cameras, he showed incredibly poor judgment in allowing himself to be filmed lying, being extremely and consistently disrespectful of women, and outright offensive", the mayor said.

Frequent references to the councillor's job were made on the show.

On Thursday, only 631,000 people in the five capital cities tuned in to watch Angie take part in her first single and group dates.

"It was a rather extreme example of Cr Glasgow's behaviour and it's most disappointing to me and to many other people across Noosa and I'm sure across the country", Mayor Wellington said.