Google Maps updated with additional voice guidance for visually impaired


According to Google, it started rolling out the new voice guidance today to iOS and Android devices.

As you'll see in the following demo including Sugiyama, Google Maps will now tell individuals using the app whether they're on the right path, the range until the next turn, and the instructions in which they're strolling.

It's great to see Google taking steps to make its products more accessible - particularly Google Maps, which has the potential to make people more independent, and let them explore new places with confidence.

Google has announced the launch of an additional feature in its Google Maps app that gives a more detailed voice guidance, complete with periodic announcements, alerts and warnings, for the visually impaired. "I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work closely with the Maps team on this project as an early advisor and tester-outside of my day job as a business analyst in the Tokyo office", she said in a blog post.

Initially, detailed voice guidance will be available for U.S. users in English and in Japanese for Japan. To activate voice guidance simply select a destination for navigation, select walking and there will be a new option to enable "Detailed voice guidance". It's simple to recollect the best way to these locations that you're used to go each day, however going to new locations is extraordinarily hard with out eyes to information you.

It is also being pitched to those without visual impairments who want a more screen-free experience on their next walking trip.

Google rolls out detailed voice guidance for walking trips in Maps. That is, I never considered it until I saw Google's new feature that was just added to Google Maps. In the Google Maps settings, tap Navigation, and scroll down to Walking Options.

In a blogspot published yesterday by Google, which was also World Sight Day, the tech giant outlined all there is to know about the feature.