Google Pixel 4: Availability Through US Carriers Likely to Expand


Pixel 4, and presumably the Pixel 4 XL, will be unveiled on Tuesday October 15. Google has already confirmed the new mobile will debut - along with new connected home products - on its web store.

The bad news, however, concerns the Pixel 4.

Just when you didn't think more Pixel 4 info could possibly drop, the spec sheets decide to roll up to leak party. But, what do we make out of this for the price in Europe and United States market?

It seems we might have an idea as to how much the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL will cost now though, thanks to a tweet from serial leaker Evan Blass. And it's not good news. Amazon has discounted both phones for the first time, cutting $50 off the price to sell the 64GB Pixel 3a for $349 and its larger 3a XL sibling for $429.

When converted to pound sterling, this suggests the Pixel 4 could start at a reasonable £640.25.

The Canadian pricing for all Pixel 4 models is actually slightly higher than the Pixel 3 was past year. That's $20 Canadian dollars higher than it was to increase the Pixel 3's memory.

The second camera on Pixel 4 is going to be a 16MP sensor with telephoto imaging capabilities. Rumors have been running on the Internet about the Pixel 4 phones compared to 3 versions.

The addition of a 90Hz display in particular will surely get some Android fans giddy with excitement.

The voice interaction will require to take place right after you raise the phone, apparently, and the essential voice match processing is carried out on the gadget itself- so other people will not have the ability to get at the feature simply by selecting your phone up.

The motion sensing feature will work under Project Soli, while the face unlock feature on the Pixel 4 will use multiple sensors to identify a user's face.

And then there's the camera.

If these camera samples are from the Google Pixel 4, we could see them very soon at the handset's October 15 release - unless this leak prompts Google to change the pictures it shows off. TechRadar will be live at the launch event, so stay tuned as we bring you all the news, analysis, and our hands-on first impressions.