Indian family drowns trying to take selfie in river


The newlyweds were reportedly visiting relatives in Tamil Nadu when the incident took place on Sunday.

The surviving man, a 25-year-old named only as Prabhu by the Times of India and PTI, had been married to his wife, Niveditha, for just a month. The teenagers got into trouble in the water when the young brother, 14, slipped pulling over his two sisters, 18 and 19, along with newly married Nivedha and her sister in law. The highest number of selfie deaths was reported in India, followed by Russian Federation, the United States, and Pakistan.

This tragic outing is the latest of a series of selfie-related incidents in the country.

They had jumped out of the way when they spotted a train approaching, only to be hit by another train coming in the opposite direction, according to the BBC.

India has the highest number of selfie deaths, followed by Russian Federation, the United States and Pakistan.

Authorities in India have launched campaigns to warn people against posing for unsafe pictures.

India accounted for around half of the 259 selfie fatalities reported from October 2011 to November 2017, according to a study by researchers associated with the All India Institute of Medical Sciences previous year, whose findings were published in the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care.

"Selfie-related death was defined as any accidental death that occurs while doing self-photography or clicking selfies", said the authors led by Agam Bensal. Most of the victims - around 72 percent - were men and under the age of 30.

India accounted for more than half the global total, with 159 reported selfie deaths since 2011.

He also noted that although the act of taking a selfie isn't risky, it becomes so when people take risks to get the ideal shot.

The issue has drawn the attention of authorities, which have taken to implementing no-selfie zones in areas deemed high risk.