ITunes is officially no more


To do this all you have to do is Apple logo at the top-left of their menu bar, jump into "About Mac, ' look the "System Report" and find "Applications" under 'Software" to find out how many non-64-bit programs you're now running.

I noticed the problems with Catalyst last night when I booted up the initial shipping version of macOS Catalina last night and headed into the Mac App Store to see what was new.

Apple Arcade - already on your updated iPhone and iPad - is not on the Mac.

You can use cloud saves with Apple Arcade games so don't worry if you thought you might have to start over again if you chose to install Apple Arcade on your mac.

Sidecar is a new application that has been created to use an iPad as a secondary display with your Mac. You can use the tablet as a second screen for a Mac and even use an Apple Pencil with compatible apps. It works both on wired and wireless connections.

On earlier iterations of macOS, devices like the iPhone and iPad were synced and backed up through the iTunes app.

Netflix, one of the biggest video streaming services on the planet confirmed on Tuesday that the company will not be developing a native app for the macOS using Apple's Catalyst Project.

Downloading macOS Catalina is a straightforward process. This will allow Mac users to know how much time they are spending on apps. The first and only thing that comes to users' minds when mentioning this update is the disappeared iTunes utility.

Catalina also drops support for 32-bit applications. Like the portable machines, the feature is limited to those with newer silicon.

Apple Arcade arrives on the Mac, Apple TV, iPads and iPhones.

Apple also is bringing Screen Time, Downtime and App Limits to the Mac through Catalina.

"I would suggest people look at what 32-bit applications they have installed before they upgrade to Catalina and make sure there are 64-bit versions available", said Vena, "because those apps will absolutely not work in Catalina". This will download macOS Catalina into your Applications folder. However, the new Music app uses a different format to organize music libraries, so this methods of sharing can no longer be used.

It is clear that Apple wants to push forward with its platforms, but it needs to remember that the hardware has to work in the real world today.