Key recommendations to curb childhood obesity


June O'Sullivan, chief executive of the Early Years Foundation, said, 'Professor Dame Sally Davies is absolutely right by saying schools and nurseries need to play a central role in helping fight childhood obesity and get children healthier and more active.

Professor Davies said, 'The unavoidable fact is that over time our environment has become very unhealthy without us realising.

The measures include: "Prohibit eating and drinking on urban public transport, except fresh water, breastfeeding and for medical conditions".

- Phasing out all marketing, advertising and sponsorship of less healthy food and drink products across all mediums, including online, at any major public venue or public-funded event and on any public-sector-owned advertising site.

However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he wants to see a review of so-called "sin taxes" - including the sugar tax - to see how effective they are.

"We strongly support the report's call for stronger planning powers to help deal with some of the underlying causes of obesity, such as tackling the clustering of takeaways and restricting junk food advertising".

"They need to be bold, and I think they will be bold if they want to look after our children".

Some 1.2 million children are now clinically obese, with some suffering Type 2 diabetes, asthma and musculoskeletal pain, as well as mental health problems, such as depression, she said.

By making snacking on public transport a difficulty, we're reinforcing the (incorrect) presumption that weight, and well being, is one thing we will all management - that it's merely a matter of non-public accountability.

"Excess weight has slowly crept up on us all and is now often accepted as normal".

- Curb speed limits near schools and homes and encourage more children to walk, scoot or cycle.

Responding to the CMO's report, the shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth accused the Government of doing nothing, but "window dress" its commitment to child obesity since it published its Child Obesity Plan over a year ago.

The doctor, who also recommended a calorie cap on takeaway portions, said waistlines were expanding in part because of high streets being "flooded with cheap, unhealthy food options".

'Companies often use children's cartoon characters and sponsorship of major sporting events to market these items, casting them as the shining star in children's minds, ' she said.

Food companies have been urged to cut the sugar in their products, but could still do more, said the report.

Her report says England was "nowhere near" meeting the government's target of halving childhood obesity by 2030. Does Dame Sally make any points you agree with?

She adds: "Politicians, I call on all of you across the political spectrum to come together and take action". As many as 90,000 adolescents may be eligible for bariatric surgery - but fewer than 10 stomach-shrinking operations are done on this age group every year.

Professor Dame Sally Davies acknowledged she hoped other measures will nearly definitely be tried first to stem falling immunisation rates, but that it modified into fundamental to terminate the unfold of deadly diseases. Her parting report is no different and we will study it closely and act on the evidence'.